a trifle odd.

is a virtual reality development studio;

imagining and creating unique experiences.


You arrive home to a note from your beloved partner, who has left you a present - If you can solve the puzzles he's left behind. A nice surprise? That dream holiday?... Or something far more sinister?

Welcome Home, Love is a narrative-driven roomscale experience exclusive to virtual reality, developed for the HTC Vive.

Now available on Steam


Instinctive Eye is a collection of short experiences, each designed to test a specific skillset, reflexes and coordination. It also served as a sandbox for us to experiment and explore concepts unique to VR.

Instinctive Eye is exclusive to virtual reality and was released for free, mid-2016 for the HTC Vive. Oculus Rift support is planned, after the release of Oculus Touch Controllers.


a trifle odd. is a VR development studio based in Sydney, Australia. We create experiences exclusively for Virtual Reality on the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

contact@atrifleodd.com to talk.